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    Why now, of all times, would the gates to Altesia be opened. Prince Varen wondered with no shortage of hesitation. Times were hard enough with so many threats to their country and no sign from his father being swayed from his path of peace. It made sense, really, that he would believe words and deeds could bring about peace. But he knew better, not everyone would see it that way, and sometimes one needed to use a strong hand to sway those most resitant. Their armies were not weak, and truly there was little threat of an invading force making its way far enough into their territory to be of real concern. Still, why now?
"Now that this council has been called for we truly may have a chance at the lasting peace I have been working for."
King Amon rode beside the prince atop a dazzling white steed. A proud and triumphant smile on his face, exaggerating the crows feet and wrinkles on his aging face. He wore his age well and the silver streaks that played through his beard and hair only lent to his handsome visage. Behind them was a small escort of twenty of the kins finest, a small carriage housing their provisions, which were modest at best, and the queen who rode just behind the carriage surrounded by her personal gaurd. Much to the queens insistance that it was only natural to have all of the conforts of home brought with them, the king had insisted on only bringing what was necissary, so as not to impose upon the kindness of their hosts.
" you trust this queen? You have never met her, and she lowered the barrier so suddenly, It seems strange." Prince Varen was not one to trust as easily as his father, and the situation didnt sit well with him. He had expected backlash from other countries, assasins, come to stop his father from moving forward with the peace talks. After all, an alliance with power the stuff of legends was a dangerous thing for any who wished to oppose Quince.
"I see no reason to distrust her. After all, it is not as if she only invited us. As you know, my brother was invited, as well as several lords from surrounding areas." He retorted not losing his smile. It was reassuring to some degree to see him so obviously excited at the prospect of peace.
"True enough, but I certainly hope your optimism is not to be the end of Quince, father"
With this King Amon clapped Varen heavily on the back and bellowed with laughter. "Have I ever given you any reason to doubt me my boy. This is a golden opportunity, you will see."
    The first thing to fill landscape ahead was the wall. The only thing anyone living had ever seen of Altesia was the great wall, many miles high and ringed in clouds. Above it, only by a head was the top of the Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Not even birds flew as high as the top of the great wall, only mythical creatures the stuff of legends were said to be able to fly high enough. It truly was a wonder of the world and every bit as breathtaking as it was said to be. Varen had only read about it in books that were housed in the back of the royal libraries, caked in dust and nearly forgotten. He wondered absently what the people who built it must have been like, how they might have built such a structure. Were they giants? Perhaps they had dragons lift the stone to the top and spent days climbing up up up to the top to lay the what they had carried. He wondered if maybe they were simply so powerful that they compelled the wall into being by sheer force of will. Whatever the case, he knew nothing existed now that could allow someone build something to the same scale.
 As they approached he could see the gates they meant to go through, new wonders filled his eyes as grand doors, flights high and encrusted in gold and jewels, stood open inward to betray a glimpse of what lay inside. Huge statues of powerful and beautiful women sood on either side of the doors and Varen had to crane his neck to see to the top of them. His heart beat fast as anticipation ran hot in his veins. He really was excited to be one of the first to see what mysteries lie within these walls. As they began their passage through the gates he could feel the power that was contained inside by the walls. Weeks before he had felt it, this same primal energy, everyone had felt it. Once the barrier came down it was as if powerful gale swept over the land carrying with it magic like no one alive had ever felt before. Magic existed of course, it was a normal part of every day life in some fashion or another. Some were born with the inate ability to harness the magic in the land, and others learned how to use tools like amulets or totems to summon up the magic instead. But it was never like that, like a searing heat and a freezing cold at the same time. Like walking from a cold room into a desert then being splashed with cold water. The smell of fresh rain and leaves filled the senses and energy crackled in the air. It was as if all the elements came to life at once in a symphony of raw magic. It was all encompasing, and for a few short moments Varen felt like he would live forever. He thought to himself that everyone must have felt the same, for when it hit, nobody moved until the sensation  passed.
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